Naughty Dog’s 2013 masterpiece, The Last of Us, has left a lasting impression on both critics and gamers alike with its deeply emotional story telling and terrifyingly visceral gameplay. But before it would become a massive success, The Last of Us required an extensive marketing effort to communicate its unique experience to consumers. Sony Computer Entertainment America and Naughty Dog decided to tap Off Base Productions to handle the creation of digital advertising assets for the world’s largest gaming retailer, Gamestop.

Our graphic and web design teams worked in tandem to create visually captivating advertising assets that would entice consumers to not only seek out more information on The Last of Us, but entice them to preorder as well. These efforts resulted in beautiful dynamic and static web banners for general use, and three major homepage takeover ads for the Gamestop family of websites including a flash-gaming web portal (, a news and reviews site (, and Gamestop’s main website. When all the digital dust settled, we had delivered well over 80 unique banners/assets. These ads succeeded in communicating the tone of the game sparking the interest of consumers.