Square Enix, in partnership with the Walt Disney Company, are the legendary developers behind the beloved Kingdom Hearts RPG franchise. For the impending release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, a high-definition update to the series, Square Enix hired our team to create a dynamic theme for the PlayStation®3 console as a special gift to their fans. This theme would need to completely transform the look of the PlayStation®3 user interface while also adhering to Disney’s strict guidelines for character representation.

Our team of graphic designers jumped at the opportunity to work with these iconic characters, and created several high-quality visual comps. Once approved, our development team transformed these static visuals into several wonderfully 3D animated backgrounds, complete with unique icons and sounds. The end result transformes the PS3 XMB into a Kingdom Hearts wonderland, pleasing fans around the world and meeting the high standards of excellence set by Square Enix and Disney.