Coworker Crossing Day

Today was going to be just another Tuesday at Off Base Productions, but we had some villagers from another world turn our office into an Animal Crossing town! There were apples, cherries, oranges, and peaches on trees to shake down. There were bags of bells in bunches everywhere for us to pick up. And most […]


It’s Officially Baseball Season

We’re still a few weeks from Opening Day, but it officially feels like baseball season. With baseball’s Spring Training halfway through, there have definitely been more San Francisco Giants caps showing up in our office here at Off Base. For the baseball fans, it’s the time of year to watch spring training games and see […]

Project Spotlight: PS3 Dynamic Themes

Here at Off Base, we work on a lot of fun projects. Our staff’s combined experience in design, editorial, development, and gaming helps bring our projects to life — our passion for what we do shines through. One of the really cool things that our team has been looking forward to this year is the […]


Hatoful Coworkers

We love our coworkers just as much as we love games! Here at Off Base, things are never boring and we have fun all the time, but sometimes there are days where we get in some extra laughs. We had two pigeons (possibly from the world of St. Pigeonation’s?) come in Friday morning and completely […]

New Nintendo 3DS: Super Mini-Review

Congratulations to our friends at Nintendo for their newest handheld system release of the New 3DS! The Nintendo 3DS systems have exponentially taken the lead in handheld gaming and continue to impress us. The New 3DS design has met most expectations and we like how their design team is listening to consumers. At Off Base, […]

Name That Console #2

Happy Thursday, Dearest Internet Visitors! As you might have guessed, we’re pretty much obsessed with video games. Our office houses a display of dozens of classic consoles, each serving as a living reminder of video game history. For the occasional Throwback Thursday treat, we like to play a little game. Are you ready for another […]

New Site, New Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Off Base blog! This post comes on the heels of what we are calling our 1.5 re-launch of our agency site. Nice, is it not!? If we are being really honest, this is more of a 3.0 redesign, but given its planned obsolescence, we did not want to click the […]