Best Design Practices for the Digital Age

Design is everywhere. We enjoy good design over long periods of time whether or not we realize it — in posters, books, magazines, packages, websites, and mobile devices. At Off Base Productions, we strive to be leaders in design, motion and animation, user experiences and user interfaces, and responsive website and mobile design. Last month, […]


How the Shift from Print to Digital Goes Beyond Global Reach

How do you communicate on your favorite devices? Laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and cellphones have taken our mediums of communication to the furthest lengths with digital design. We can do almost anything from anywhere with the technology and information that is never more than an arm’s length away from us. At Off Base Productions, we […]

Preval™ Services: 6 Advantages for Game Developers and Publishers

Video game fans love to research upcoming game titles and often look to professional reviews for guidance. Providing fresh perspectives of game titles, these reviews help players decide whether they should spend their money on upcoming titles. That’s why hard-hitting critiques can make or break a game’s sales. Developing a video game is an exhausting, […]