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Project Spotlight: MLB® 15 The Show™ Manuals

Here at Off Base, we work on a lot of fun projects. Our staff’s combined experience in design, editorial, development, and gaming helps bring our projects to life — our passion for what we do shines through.

71yB9KoUm-L._SX425_MLB® 15 The Show™ is out today, and we’re excited to be able to show off the work we did on the manuals! We designed and wrote the game guides for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, and PlayStation®Vita and worked hard to create a look that represented just how fun and stunning the game is on every console.

Two of the digital manuals are on the Docs for PlayStation® platform. You can find them online in the Docs for PlayStation Catalog here.

One of the fun things about creating manuals for multiple platforms is that we capture different screens from each console. Although we want to make sure the overall design of the manual is consistent across all platforms, the exact screens are different. We play the game on each console to capture images that showcase the gameplay and match the instructional text for each game guide.


MLB Vita

Are you playing MLB® 15 The Show™ this year? Thanks to Year-to-Year Saves, you can pick up where you left off last year in some game modes, or start over from scratch (or for the very first time) to enjoy all that the new game has to offer.


Best Design Practices for the Digital Age

Design is everywhere. We enjoy good design over long periods of time whether or not we realize it — in posters, books, magazines, packages, websites, and mobile devices.

At Off Base Productions, we strive to be leaders in design, motion and animation, user experiences and user interfaces, and responsive website and mobile design. Last month, we talked about how the shift from print to digital goes beyond global reach. This month, we’re discussing design practices that we standardize in our office and why it makes our designs successful. Our design team consists of experts in digital strategy, brand identity and insights, and visual language. We got into the minds of our traditional and interactive design teams to take a look at our best design practices for the digital age.

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Name That Console #4

It’s Thursday, dearest Internet visitors, and you know what that means…!

Our office houses a display of dozens of classic consoles, each serving as a living reminder of video game history. For the occasional Throwback Thursday treat, we like to play a little game. Are you ready for another installment of OBP’s favorite daytime fun show?

That’s right, it’s time to play: NAME THAT CONSOLE!


Today’s feature is considered by many to be a cornerstone in gaming console history. Released in 1977, this Breakout system enjoyed arguably the most impressive track record of any console, weathering over a decade on the sales floor. It was on this system that the first easter egg appeared in a video game, as well. Do you know what iconic title housed this tidbit of history within its gameplay?

Which console let you fight off Space Invaders and relish epic Combat and Adventure? The answer will be revealed after the break!

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Project Spotlight: Battlefield Hardline Digital Manuals


Here at Off Base, we work on a lot of fun projects. Our staff’s combined experience in design, editorial, development, and gaming helps bring our projects to life — our passion for what we do shines through.

BFH_ManualPage3Battlefield Hardline released just today and our editorial team spent time at the beginning of the year authoring the manuals for them! We’re proud to show off our work now that these manuals are available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 1, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. Learn the basics by accessing the Battlefield Hardline Digital Manuals online (scroll to the bottom of the page, click “Manuals”, and select your platform).

Have you picked up your copy of Battlefield Hardline yet? Let us know what you think!


Coworker Crossing Day


Today was going to be just another Tuesday at Off Base Productions, but we had some villagers from another world turn our office into an Animal Crossing town! There were apples, cherries, oranges, and peaches on trees to shake down. There were bags of bells in bunches everywhere for us to pick up. And most importantly, some 4-leaf clovers hidden in random places for those of us lucky enough to find one.


We found our main character, Villager, hiding behind a tree because he didn’t know where he was. We tried to help him out throughout the day and saw the kinds of nonsense he has to go through in his life. First, Isabelle tried to give him some furniture. She said it was a lantern, but Villager turned to us and asked if he was crazy, because it looked like a plain ol’ leaf. We then helped him gather up some bells, the form of currency in his town. He said he owed some lazy-eyed raccoon some money, but he didn’t know for what.


We collected a lot of bells and then found this Tom Nook he spoke of, but when Villager gave him all the bells we had collected, Nook said Villager still owed him more for some renovation on his house that Villager said he never even approved of first. Wow, what a landlord.


We told Villager to take it easy, so we went downstairs into Club LOL, the little bit of nightlife in this crazy town. The resident DJ — KK Slider — was spinning some sick beats, so we stayed for a while.

CoworkerCrossing_VillagerIt’s been a long day for us trying to help out Villager, but he’s come a long way from hiding behind a tree. We will say, though — shaking trees for some delicious fruit is quite fun. We also found some red balloons floating around the office with some boxes tied to them. Villager told us the best way to get a hold of those boxes is to use a slingshot to pop the balloon. We’ll have to try that sometime.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! We hope you have fun and maybe find a four-leaf clover somewhere! Or you can creep behind tall fruit trees if that’s your thing.


It’s Officially Baseball Season

We’re still a few weeks from Opening Day, but it officially feels like baseball season. With baseball’s Spring Training halfway through, there have definitely been more San Francisco Giants caps showing up in our office here at Off Base.

For the baseball fans, it’s the time of year to watch spring training games and see how teams are faring. New players mean new team chemistry. The games are all good fun, but they also give us fans a chance to see which teams and players we should be watching when the season starts, make predictions about up-and-comers, and pick players for fantasy teams.

71yB9KoUm-L._SX425_Here at Off Base, we’ve also been gearing up for the season by working on the video game guide for MLB® 15 The Show™, which comes out March 31 for PlayStation®Vita, PlayStation®3, and PlayStation®4. It’s always exciting to see the latest updates to the series. Playing the game is also a great way to dive into Major League Baseball before the season starts.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch some of MLB’s stars checking out the game when it went to Spring Training:

Since we have quite a few baseball fans in the office, we’ll be discussing what we love about the sport, our favorite teams, and much more right here on the Off Base blog. Stay tuned in the days leading up to the release of MLB® 15 The Show™, and learn more about the game (or pre-order it) on the official site here.


Staff Highlight: Chris O.

Off Base is made up of talented and passionate individuals, and each member of our staff has unique strengths and skills that support and complement the rest of the team. We value individuality and the creativity that it inspires, and we’re eager to feature some of the OBPeeps who make us such an adaptive and successful agency. Check out our Staff Highlights to learn more about the people behind the projects!

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Let’s get to know…

Chris “Warsaw” O.

Associate Graphic & Motion Designer



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Project Spotlight: Helldivers Digital Manuals

Here at Off Base, we work on a lot of fun projects. Our staff’s combined experience in design, editorial, development, and gaming helps bring our projects to life — our passion for what we do shines through.

Helldivers has been out for just barely a week now — the team here at Off Base spent time last month readying the manuals for them and we’re proud to show off our work now that the game is out! Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita, we worked hard on creating the manuals with a consistent look across all platforms.


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OBP@GDC – That’s a Wrap!


It’s Friday night, and GDC 2015 has come to a close. But the night is still young! There are plenty of parties happening around the city, and the networking events will probably continue all through the weekend, even though the conference has ended.

For those who missed it, Wednesday night’s Game Developers Choice Awards was streamed live on Twitch, and you can watch the recording online. Some Off Base staffers shared their picks before the show, and overall we were pretty happy with the official results:

Game of the Year: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Monolith Productions/WBIE)
Innovation Award: Monument Valley (Ustwo)
Best Audio: Alien: Isolation (Creative Assembly/Sega)
Best Debut: The Banner Saga (Stoic Studio)
Best Design: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Blizzard)
Best Handheld/Mobile Game: Monument Valley (Ustwo)
Best Narrative: Kentucky Route Zero: Episode 3 (Cardboard Computer)
Best Technology: Destiny (Bungie/Activision)
Best Visual Arts: Monument Valley (Ustwo)

Congratulations to all the winners, and also to all the nominees and honorable mentions! It was a really outstanding lineup this year, and we’re looking forward to what kinds of games 2015 will bring us.

If you couldn’t attend GDC 2015, or if you didn’t get to see all the sessions you wanted to, don’t forget to check the GDC Vault in a few weeks to access recordings and catch up on what you missed!

OBP@GDC – GDC & Me: an Interview with Greg


Our fearless leader and CEO, Gregory Off, talks about some of his GDC experiences, what the conference means to the industry, and how it has changed over the years.IMG_5633 Continue Reading