Staff Highlight: Chris O.

Off Base is made up of talented and passionate individuals, and each member of our staff has unique strengths and skills that support and complement the rest of the team. We value individuality and the creativity that it inspires, and we’re eager to feature some of the OBPeeps who make us such an adaptive and successful agency. Check out our Staff Highlights to learn more about the people behind the projects!

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Let’s get to know…

Chris “Warsaw” O.

Associate Graphic & Motion Designer



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Chris, what do you do here at Off Base?

I’m a proud member of OBP’s design team. My skill set is centered around animation and motion graphics, so I handle most of the trailer, 2D / 3D animation, and post production video work that comes our way. I’m typically involved start to finish on a project, from brainstorming concepts and storyboarding our ideas to the final completed render. When not editing footage or tweaking tangent curves on keyframes, I’m assisting the team with print and web layouts.

When you’re not at work, are you involved in any hobbies or side projects?

I’m currently painting a series of 62 watercolor paintings as a tribute to Breaking Bad. The end goal is to consolidate them into my first art book.

My hobbies, in no particular order, include: drinking coffee, eating vegan food, drawing unflattering portraits of people on BART, practicing Krav Maga, listening to podcasts, and dreaming up stupid jokes that only I find funny.

We know it’s hard, but: favorite game?

Chrono Trigger. Time travel, cave people, frog knights, robots, apocalyptic dystopia…. you can’t beat that combo. The Magus boss fight music gets my vote for best video game song of all time.

Is there a particular goal you’d like to achieve while at Off Base?

I’d love to expand our animation department into a real powerhouse – one that could rival the likes of Blur or MPC.

Any other thoughts you’d like to share with our readers?

My coworkers want ponies. Can anyone donate a pony?

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Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Chris, our Associate Graphic & Motion Designer!

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