Project Spotlight: Helldivers Digital Manuals

Here at Off Base, we work on a lot of fun projects. Our staff’s combined experience in design, editorial, development, and gaming helps bring our projects to life — our passion for what we do shines through.

Helldivers has been out for just barely a week now — the team here at Off Base spent time last month readying the manuals for them and we’re proud to show off our work now that the game is out! Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita, we worked hard on creating the manuals with a consistent look across all platforms.


The PS3 and PS Vita manuals, which can be accessed in-game, are both very similar in overall design. Besides the platform-specific controls throughout the manual, the other noticeable difference is sizing. Since the Vita screen is much smaller, the Vita digital manuals are tiny in comparison to the PS3 digital manuals.



For those of you who are playing Helldivers on PS4, this is another manual that takes advantage of the Docs for PlayStation platform. This allows you to access the manual even while you’re away from your console. We’ve updated our Docs for Playstation manuals since our last Project Spotlight that featured them (Super Stardust Ultra on Docs for PlayStation) — the most noticeable change is the header bar. The switch from blue to black on the “Docs for PlayStation” branding bar at the top flows well with the Helldivers digital manual design and color scheme!

Have you played Helldivers yet? Let us know what you think!