Name That Console #4

It’s Thursday, dearest Internet visitors, and you know what that means…!

Our office houses a display of dozens of classic consoles, each serving as a living reminder of video game history. For the occasional Throwback Thursday treat, we like to play a little game. Are you ready for another installment of OBP’s favorite daytime fun show?

That’s right, it’s time to play: NAME THAT CONSOLE!


Today’s feature is considered by many to be a cornerstone in gaming console history. Released in 1977, this Breakout system enjoyed arguably the most impressive track record of any console, weathering over a decade on the sales floor. It was on this system that the first easter egg appeared in a video game, as well. Do you know what iconic title housed this tidbit of history within its gameplay?

Which console let you fight off Space Invaders and relish epic Combat and Adventure? The answer will be revealed after the break!


It’s the Atari 2600! (AKA: the Atari Video Computer System, or the Atari VCS)

Originally priced at $199, and this system came bundled with two joysticks and one game cartridge at launch. The Atari 2600 started out with 9 titles, but soon expanded to host a sizable collection of games due in no small part to the introduction of 3rd party publishers. This was a brand new concept in 1980, and the first company to stake a claim to this portion of the gaming industry still remains a giant in video game production even today: Activision. After clashing with Activision over the legalities of 3rd party publishing, Atari finally negotiated a royalty fee, and the wave of 3rd party companies began in earnest. It survived the video game market crash of the mid 80s because it adapted to remain competitive, and the 2600 series continued to be produced and sold until 1992.

Our office boasts the ’82 “Darth Vader” model of the Atari 2600. Which of the different versions of the 2600 do you prefer?

That’s it for this week’s edition of NAME THAT CONSOLE! Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you next time!