Coworker Crossing Day


Today was going to be just another Tuesday at Off Base Productions, but we had some villagers from another world turn our office into an Animal Crossing town! There were apples, cherries, oranges, and peaches on trees to shake down. There were bags of bells in bunches everywhere for us to pick up. And most importantly, some 4-leaf clovers hidden in random places for those of us lucky enough to find one.


We found our main character, Villager, hiding behind a tree because he didn’t know where he was. We tried to help him out throughout the day and saw the kinds of nonsense he has to go through in his life. First, Isabelle tried to give him some furniture. She said it was a lantern, but Villager turned to us and asked if he was crazy, because it looked like a plain ol’ leaf. We then helped him gather up some bells, the form of currency in his town. He said he owed some lazy-eyed raccoon some money, but he didn’t know for what.


We collected a lot of bells and then found this Tom Nook he spoke of, but when Villager gave him all the bells we had collected, Nook said Villager still owed him more for some renovation on his house that Villager said he never even approved of first. Wow, what a landlord.


We told Villager to take it easy, so we went downstairs into Club LOL, the little bit of nightlife in this crazy town. The resident DJ — KK Slider — was spinning some sick beats, so we stayed for a while.

CoworkerCrossing_VillagerIt’s been a long day for us trying to help out Villager, but he’s come a long way from hiding behind a tree. We will say, though — shaking trees for some delicious fruit is quite fun. We also found some red balloons floating around the office with some boxes tied to them. Villager told us the best way to get a hold of those boxes is to use a slingshot to pop the balloon. We’ll have to try that sometime.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! We hope you have fun and maybe find a four-leaf clover somewhere! Or you can creep behind tall fruit trees if that’s your thing.