How the Shift from Print to Digital Goes Beyond Global Reach

How do you communicate on your favorite devices? Laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and cellphones have taken our mediums of communication to the furthest lengths with digital design. We can do almost anything from anywhere with the technology and information that is never more than an arm’s length away from us.

At Off Base Productions, we create digital trends, develop interactive design, and build applications that span multiple platforms. We got into the minds of our Product Managers, Team Leaders, and User Interface/Experience Designers to see how our work translates from print to digital, and to take a look at how this shift impacts design today.

⚙ Designing, Planning, and Publishing

We design responsive systems that communicate, prototype, and present ideas optimally across multiple outputs—mobile phones, tablets, browsers, and gaming consoles. Our software is designed to save and share information easily, and making our work digital enables us to reach more of our clients’ consumers. Streamlining production gives us extra time to deliver top quality products, instead of being bogged down with printing and shipping deadlines that eat up valuable time. Digital products are immediately available across multiple platforms, instantly reaching any user with an Internet or mobile data connection. The power of publishing no longer ends when you finish a book; now you can constantly update and optimize it, and continue to make it even better than before.

⚙ Maximizing Cost Efficiency

By reducing the use of external resources for printing, we can better allocate our work to the production cycle. A client’s initial investment may still include localization costs, but digital products eradicate the need for multiple localized print versions, greatly reducing the time and financial costs required to reach a global audience. This not only benefits our clients financially, it also creates a smoother, more accessible experience for consumers.

⚙ Optimizing Accessibility

The shift to digital publishing provides the potential for additional capabilities that improve the way consumers use and consume products. Traditional print publications are just pieces of paper you can read; what happens after that? Your interactions with a piece of paper are limited to flipping pages. With digital publications, you can do so much more! We expand user interactions to include one-click abilities that zoom, reveal, advance, expand, and play media—all in multiple languages! People want their entire living room to be plugged into everything, including the ability to transition their favorite news feed from their mobile device onto their television. Society is more connected than ever before, with real-time news, business, and social networking updates always available at your fingertips.

One of our greatest accomplishments is a product we created in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment America. We took the opportunity to make something that truly leverages the potential digital media affords, and we are proud to offer something new and dynamic to all of its current and future users. We developed a robust set of publishing tools to create, distribute, and display documentation, including the digital game manuals known as Docs for PlayStation. Check out some of our latest work at:

PSDocs_screenshotHow do you like the shift from print to digital? Are you embracing it as well? It’s a field that contains vast possibilities and undiscovered rewards for those who venture forth. We can define the digital space and become leaders in it, but first we must accept the risks that come with innovation.

LBP3_screenshotAs creative professionals, our team embraces positive changes to the industry, and we are happy to be a pioneer in this digital movement. We will continue to explore and expand upon our ideas, and remain on the lookout for other forward-thinking projects we can collaborate on in the future. We’re definitely not stopping here.